Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interstitial Cystitis Patients Head Outdoors for More than Fresh Air!

Ah, springtime! Just the thought of it can brighten the spirits. Sometimes when we suffer from a chronic illness like interstitial cystitis, we forget to commune with nature. Yet, even a few minutes in a natural surrounding can calm nerves and clear the mind of clutter and negative thoughts. The healing power of connecting with nature has been confirmed by research. In an English study more than 70% of those who took walks in a wooded park reported a decrease in depressed mood, while mall walkers mostly saw no change or increased depression.

I also found a fascinating study from the University of Illinois which found that trees and greenery around housing units made a significant difference in the women’s ability to cope with problems compared to units with barren landscape. Observing nature through the window has also been shown to have benefits, so open the blinds and enjoy the beauty of spring. Or step outside for a break. Do you work indoors 8 to 5 in an interior cubicle? Bring the outdoors in with a plant, a nature print, or a scenic screen saver.
I know I can always use a mood lifter, so I am going to make a commitment to go to our local park at least three times a week to walk one of the trails, or kayak around the lake. What about you?

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  1. I love taking my bike for a spin or taking a walk with a friend. Even just sitting outside in my backyard makes me feel 100 times better!