Saturday, July 9, 2016

Balancing the Bad with the Good: Managing Stress Helps Manage IC Symptoms

Making Peace with Stress

How are you feeling? I mean really feeling today? As I write this, the world is messy right now. And sad. And confused. And if you are like me, all of this unease can settle in your body as depression and anxiety as well as physical pain. No matter what is happening in your world, sometimes it is helpful to take a break from the "breaking news" and alarming stories we hear day after day.

Yes, bad things happen and as human beings, we want to be "in the know" at all times. But it is becoming too much. Each news story is worse than the last. It is easy to believe some days that the world is truly coming to an end....but let's consciously and deliberately balance what we are putting in our minds. Remember the "random acts of kindness" trend? Let's try that again. Talk to your family. Talk to your neighbor. Look people in the eye and smile...offer to help people who need a hand. Be kind to servers in restaurants and leave a little extra tip. Say something positive to everyone you meet..."you have nice eyes, the color of your shirt lights up your face." Teach a child how to be kind to animals...they will grow to be kind to humans later. Go to a place of worship....or fill yourself with peacefulness by visiting a forest. Take a look at a flower blooming...or a blade of grass....or let sand run through your fingers. Buy an adult coloring book and let your creativity flow. If we change our perception of the world....the world will change.

Julie Beyer, MA, RDN
Author, Speaker, Patient Advocate Helping Yourself Is the First Step to Getting Well

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